Club Vidéo Verticale x Vidéographe

June 19, 2024 to June 20, 2024

This online video club is part of Verticale's ongoing program Trajectoire, aménagement et genius loci. The center has invited two artists, Miri Chekhanovich and Marie Samuel Levasseur, to co-host the meetings. The Reading Club and Video Club provide an opportunity to discuss texts and works that are important to each artist's practice. The video program is available for free on Vithèque.

Miri Chekhanovich et Marie Samuel Levasseur

Miri Chekhanovich is a multidisciplinary visual artist who combines biomaterials research, video and installation. Born in Armenia, Miri grew up in Jerusalem and immigrated to Canada in 2013. She currently lives and works in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). 

Marie Samuel Levasseur's artistic practice combines art and life, and develops a collaborative approach to creation through conversation. She uses multiplicity and the micro-narrative to hinder the unspeakable and to account for the plurality in the expression of self-narratives linked to life's defining experiences.


List of works in program

Canada, Germany

This program, a collaboration between the two organizations, is designed to enhance this summer's club season. The selected videos are curated from the Vidéographe collection, reflecting the in-depth research conducted by both curators.

The Clubs are informal seminars set in natural environments, such as riverbanks and studios, where artists, writers, and researchers come together. These gatherings focus on shared conceptual and artistic challenges, allowing participants and the public to exchange readings and expertise from various disciplines.

That the places we pass through and that pass through us - those inhabited, stolen, occupied, forgotten, abandoned, unplanned, transformed, dreamed of, developed, (re)activated - be considered in all their complexity.

Quotes from the curators: 

Meditating on my personal journey, I wish to share with the Clubs texts and videos that inspire me, that help me navigate my quest for home, to create and live in a perpetual state of transition.

Miri Chekhanovich

My participation in the Clubs will be informed by my vision of art as a terrain of self-determination, hospitality, and well-being.

Marie Samuel Levasseur



Parc Rosaire-Gauthier, July 17, 2024 – 6 p.m.

Address: 125, boul. E, Laval QC H7G 1C2

Under the big willow tree, at the northeast end of the park.

Follow the Verticale signs once on site.


Parc Rosaire-Gauthier, 125, boul. E, Laval QC H7G 1C2

Meeting point

Under the big willow tree, at the northeast end of the park.

Follow the Verticale signs once you're there.


Find out more about the event on their web page: 



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