The Best of marshalore

April 13, 2017 to July 13, 2017

Rediscover the work of multidisciplinary artist marshalore, a pioneer of Quebec and Canadian video and performance art. 

Karine Boulanger

Karine Boulanger is curator at Videographe since 2015. Her role here is to develop and highlight Vidéographe’s large and important video collection.

Length of program

List of works in program

marshalore’s entire body of work was recently integrated to Videographe’s collection. This is the opportunity to rediscover this free and astonishing work, of which several titles were to this day inaccessible.

marshalore videos explore the themes of identity and behavior, through actions, camouflage, genre games and narrative fantasy. Performance is at the center of the artist’s work, most often present in front of the camera. Both familiar and elusive, she embodies both the female archetypes and the cowboys of spaghetti western or unusual behaviors. His irreducible writing, with a playful and dreamy character, is carried by a taste for transgression, in which a network of rich and complex pictorial and literary references unfolds.

The four videos in this program highlight the artist's passion for music and performance.


Image : Street Actions (1977)



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