Empreintes cinétiques

August 16, 2023 to October 16, 2023

The program Empreinte cinétique offers an overview of Rachel Echenberg's video body of work based on the cardinal themes of her multidisciplinary practice: Immobility, Portait and Landscape. The fruit of reflection and discussion between the artist and the curator, this program offers a personal and inspired perspective on her performance and video practice.

Denis Vaillancourt

Denis Vaillancourt studied film, theater and literature. One of his passions has always been writing. He worked at Vidéographe as the Distribution Coordinator from 1999 until his recent retirement in 2022. His main tasks included selecting works, programming them and submitting them to festivals and video events. Committed to promoting the works both locally and internationally, he has won the trust of the artists represented by Vidéographe.


List of works in program

Immobility, a movement in itself. It leaves a trace, between its point of departure and its point of arrival, an imprint that tells a story and gives clues. It has a meaning, a gravity, a dimension and a framing, that of the video image, in which it moves. Rachel Echenberg's performances are delimited by a frame that delimits the space occupied. In this composed space, falsely accessory bodies express themselves, revealing snippets of experience.
It is within this frame, as in an abstract painting, that the immensity of perception is hidden..

Denis Vaillancourt


The program :


BLOC 1 - Immobility - time and transformation  :

12 Hours, 8 min (2001)

Blanket (snow), 5 min (2003)

Couple, 4 min (2021)


BLOC 2 -  Portrait - giving shape to sensation  :

Portrait of spectator – Self portrait sleeping, 2 min (2009)

How to explain performance art to my teenage daughter, 6 min (2018)

Family Portrait, 2 min (2016)


BLOC 3 - Landscape – intimate scale  :

 Hernaford Rd or the Distance to Sleep, 7 min (2021)

Conversation with my Husband, 1 min (2021)

Conversation with my Adult Daughter, 3 min (2021)




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