Entraves quotidiennes
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This identity portrait shows through these little papers (obstructions) : the deficiency of senses. Thing that we do not see in a physical, identity portrait.
To that end, I staged myself, I translated, tested, represented the photo booth on video tape. From this are born several little montages, showing different situations for each, burlesque daily metaphors. I named this ensemble: : Entraves quotidiennes (daily obstructions).
With these sequences, I try to find a new figure through the burlesque et the « abnormality », but that is my own, through actions, mimics and symbols. These actions are reactions facing the obstructions that I stick or try to peel off my face, that hinder or amuse me, sometimes reminding me the speech-language pathology sessions.
Metaphors of the impediments of daily life that I face.
The funny faces are a childish means of expression (« forbidden » by adults) and one of the component of sign language.
Evocation of the burlesque, and maybe the tragicomedy.
The sound of these sequences is the background noise of the shooting location. Over it, are added saccadic sounds, drifting, out of step, that are a space possible for the poetic emergence and metaphorize the differences that I experience when misunderstandings occur. It is also in the idea of catching up the time during incomprehension.
Staging my corporal figure, I am not looking to find my truth but dispose of it.

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Performance, self-representation, burlesque, deafness

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