La production fantôme – The Phantom Production
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La production fantôme – The Phantom Production is a video-based piece presented as a diptych. A double screen shows simultaneously a real filmed video and a synthetic video. Inspired by the cultural idea of photorealism (how markers or signs of camera increase the realism of synthetic images), it is the camera movement that is here investigated as a specific cultural sign of photorealism. With this diptych piece, the tension between the filmed sequences and the synthetically generated sequences proposes an interrupted cinematographic production workflow, leaving this open work as an entrance to a cultural and critical reflection on photorealism in the digital age.

Note: The excerpt shows the installation as it was presented in Sherbrooke as part of Espace ImMedia in 2016.

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La production fantôme – The Phantom Production can be presented in various modes: two-channel installation, single-channel installation, two-channel screening, single-channel screening (see photos).



digital image, cinema, photography, visual culture, synthetic video, realism

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