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,000, is a video about false fronts, paint jobs, happy endings, commerce, rot, and customer service. Or, more simply put: pictures, popcorn, and kernels of truth. The narrative follows two entwined characters - the once prominent city of New Westminster, B.C., and a disillusioned Actress Slash Dominatrix- as they struggle for legitimacy.

I could say the story explores the psychological impact of commercial relations (are there any other?) between people. But I don’t like explanations, especially my own.  Maybe the story is just tease and denial. Tease: you can’t be the same at the end as you were at the beginning. Because that’s the rule. Though I can’t say I’ve ever transformed myself. Maybe I lack faith? Sometimes I think ,000, is about the failure of narrative to deliver us from life. Or about how incredible communication is, and how you shouldn’t trust it… Like that time in preschool when I looked in awe upon the mouths of two girls making the sounds of English – stunning view.

The script is a blend of 50 % original content (written by me) and 50 % unoriginal content (direct quotes, misquotes and paraphrased stuff). If you don’t like the words, stay for the music by Paul Kajander!

Whatever I’m feeling… I want to feel something else.


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,000, also exists as a radio piece and a multimedia installation:

Radio: 2015, 54 min 03. Music by Paul Kajander. Audio mixing by Todd Vos, EMPAC. Produced in residence at EMPAC-RPI.

Multimedia installation: 27 channels audio / 9 channels video. Each audio channel is mono. 65 min. See Video documentation (6 min)


Trade, characters, fiction, appearances, relationships

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