Justine's Film
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A broken-hearted young woman seeks refuge with friends to forget her heartache. When this doesn’t work, she tries a different remedy: a love detox.


Awards and mentions
Mention "one of the most outstanding films of the year"
London Film Festival
Mention spéciale du jury
Uppsala Internationella Kortfilmfestival
Prix meilleure réalisation, meilleure musique, meilleur film expérimental
Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival
Mention honorable du jury
Festival of Festivals
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Marie-Hélène Montpetit
Danielle Trépanier
Stéphanie Morgenstern
Denise Ménard
Sylvaine Dufaux
Jeanne Crépeau
Yves Bélanger
Richard Comeau
Sound Design
Catherine Van Der Donckt
Jeanne Crépeau
Marc Pérusse
Justine Pimlott
Catherine Van Der Donckt
Art Direction
Manon Briand
Costume Design
Josée Boisvert
Mireille Ouellet
Assistant Director
Bruno Bazin

Technical information

Shooting format
16 mm


Further information

Notes from the artist:

Filming began in the spring of 1988. I had received a production grant from the Conseil des Arts du Canada and for the first time, I experienced the precious sensation of being supported in my work, thanks to Françoise Picard and Christian Mondor. Also thanks to the indefatigable Arlette Dion from the Aide au Cinéma Indépendant section of the National Film Board.

Our small crew invaded a house, on the corner of Duluth and Coloniale, with offices, and a workshop and bedroom on every floor. My friends Dominique and Jean-Claude had made the trip from Paris to join us, even though the union had obliged them to occupy positions beneath their abilities. It was the third film I did with Marie-Hélène Montpetit and the first with Stéphanie Morgenstern (with whom I later shot Julie and Me). Our canteen was Achour’s place opposite.

After the shoot, I left for the Canadian Center For Advanced Film Studies (CFC). For months, I frequented train stations and took night trains between Toronto and Montreal, passing my weekends editing and my weekdays at the Center.

Slightly dazed from all of these trips, it was only after finishing the re-recording of the film that I decided to take out the direct sound of the dialogues of the three friends, which where too realistic in comparison with the fantasy of the rest of the film. I replaced them with bla-bla-blas that I did myself at the NFB’s vocal recording studio. After this session, and for many years to come, when I came across him in the corridor, the very serious recording technician favoured me with a huge grin.

Later, distributors Claude Forget and Richard Brouillette from Cinéma Libre warmly supported the film. - Jeanne Crépeau


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Couple, love, breakup, homosexuality, friendship

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