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FRACTION addresses the 2012 student political movement in Quebec. It consists of three films, Insurgence, Rupture and Contrepoint, projected in the form of an art installation.

Shot throughout the student strike, INSURGENCE captures the mass movement from an immanent and anonymous stance, as tens of thousands of marchers took to the streets from February to August 2012. The film focuses on bodies in movement as they take over public spaces and shows neither leaders nor individual speakers.

RUPTURE, for its part, gathers individual testimony and acts as a kind of speaking mirror made up of singular voices. Created out of interviews with students and activists injured and criminalized during the strike, the film examines the political rupture caused by police repression. The role of feminist activists is central to the installation.

CONTREPOINT works as a musical echo to Rupture and Insurgence by reviving the sound of 2012. Men and women play instruments we hear on many occasions in Insurgence. The improvisations start from the rhythm of the slogans chanted by the crowds of protesters and create a counterpoint to the speech of Rupture's interviews.

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