Match Cuts 1975
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The quality of this video varies due to older technologies and image degradation.

RACCORDS 1975 : À partir des collections de Vidéographe et d’Artexte \ MATCH CUTS 1975: From the Collections of Vidéographe and Artexte, presented at Artexte from November 16 to December 17, 2016, was a call-and-response conversation between two collections. The exhibition presented a new video created from Vidéographe sources, and ephemeral documents, catalogues, monographs, and critical texts from Artexte’s holdings. This first collaborative and experimental assemblage of video and print documents took 1975 as a juncture around which the role and value of the art institution and the artist were re-examined and redefined. Together, the video and print documents revealed a push to recast the public’s relationship with the art institution and the artist. Actions, words and voices fundamental to the discourse and debates, were the points of contact linking the documents produced around this catalytic time.

The video was produced with the support of art historian Rose-Marie Arbour, who gave permission to re-edit and present interviews she conducted in 1976 with Fernande Saint-Martin, director of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (1972–1977), Lucette Bouchard, co-director of Galerie MÉDIA, and Normand Thériault, curator, arts organizer and art critic.

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Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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Excerpts from:
-Télé-visite au Musée (1976)
-Québec 75
-Télé-visite au Musée  - entrevue entre Rose-Marie Arbour et Lucette Bouchard
-Télé-visite au Musée - entrevue entre Rose-Marie Arbour et Normand Thériault
-Télé-visite au Musée – entrevue entre Rose-Marie Arbour et Fernande Saint-Martin

Exhibition photo credits : Paul Litherland, Artexte.

Quebec, art history, editing, collection, artists, curators

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