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A person carefully makes paper planes out of a pile of newspapers, suggesting that words can become weapons. Once thrown into the air, the wandering words reveal all sorts of contradictory and imaginary stories.

The video is inspired by The Words of the Chairman, a film by Harun Farocki (1967).The text is a remake of the story of a trickle of blood that raced across the village to tell Ursula about the death of her son in Gabriel-Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude (1988) and incorporates details from real news stories.

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Nayla Dabaji

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Found Footage:

Paper aeroplane thrown out of the 18th floor, 2012, SuperSipowicz (Youtube)
Water from Moss (Paul F.) & Thelma Schnee (Prelinger Archives)
Hills and the Sea, Corner, Mr. and Mrs. Ray (Prelinger Archives)
Behind the Lens (1940), Handy (Jam) Organization (Prelinger Archives)
Japanese protester sets himself ablaze, 2014 (Euronews)
Abbas Kiarostami - Nan va Koutcheh [Le Pain et la Rue] (1970)
Kurdish Women Fighters in Aleppo and Kobani, YPG PKK ISIS 60 minutes, (Youtube)
How the Eye Functions (1941), Bosse (Karl Kurt), (Prelinger Archives)

Found footage, story, politics, editing

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