Coffret Morin - Videos (1976-1997)
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In just over 30 years, Robert Morin has made some 30 works, several of which have won awards in Canada and internationally. His honours include the prestigious Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts and Quebec’s Prix Albert-Tessier, in recognition of his vast, significant, incomparable body of work. Since the 1970s, he has made one work after another, establishing not only a style and a vision, but a way of making cinema and video as an artist who accepts no compromises. He has given us landmark works of Québécois cinema that have deeply influenced those who came after. As a filmmaker with an unshakeable commitment to getting to the heart of the ordinary, his imagination and his critical perspective on society are utterly inseparable.

In 2002, Vidéographe, in collaboration with Coop Vidéo, released a DVD boxed set entitled The Videomaker’s Journey (1976-1997) containing all of his videos. It is now available online: Coffret Morin


Production: Coop Vidéo
Distribution: Vidéographe

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Boyer, Jean-Pierre, Montal, Fabrice et Privet, Georges. Robert Morin : Entrevue(s) : moments donnés. = Robert Morin : interview(s) : Moments donnés. Montréal : Vidéographe, 2002, 171p.

Robert Morin, Fiction, Documentary, Filmmaker, Compilation

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